Services Include:

Within our communities we will come across Feral and pest animals that will destroy crops, kill stock, damage property and these impacts affect the income Farmers and pastoralists can earn.

Australian Animal Control and Management Services Pty Ltd targets the particular animals that have become a problem to you, and removes them humanely. Listed below are the species of animals we target and our services

Target Species:
  • Foxes
  • Wild Dogs/Dingoes
  • Feral Cats
  • Feral Pigs
  • Feral Goats
  • Camels
  • Donkey
  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Buffalo
  • Pest animals


Australian Feral Animal Control and Management Services Pty. Ltd. is your choice for:

  • Professional Ground & Aerial shooting (Day)
  • CASA 143 &144 cert.
  • Automated Corral traps & Trapping services
  • Baiting and fumigating programs
  • Rabbit control with Ferrets (highly effective)
  • Night Shooting programs with spot lights and night vision equipment (most effective)
  • Property analysis and data collection program
  • Aerial Mustering
Accredited licenses and permits.