G’day I’m Robert from Australian Feral Animal Control and Management Services Pty. Ltd.  I’ve been contract shooting for over 20 years and have seen farmer go through some tough times due to drought and feral animals. The combination can be devastating, and with the hours a farmer works it’s almost impossible to get out there and fix the problem themselves.

That’s were my company comes in. We operate all over NSW with a highly trained staff who’s priority is to look after our clients needs in a professional and efficient manner, keeping our clients needs as a priority first and foremost!

Whether we are organising a cull or control management program, automated trapping system, aerial shoot or muster, you can be sure it will be carried out by highly trained professionals.

We have a full data system that gives our clients a log of feral animals that have been observed and controlled. This data system is used in our program and gives our clients an indication of the increase or decline of either feral or native animals during our management programs.

So when you hear the name AFACMS you can be sure that we are a fully registered, insured, licensed, and disciplined company which adheres to the strictest codes of conduct when it relates to all aspects of animal control and feral eradication.

From factories, or farms, AFACMS will handle your project logically and all animals are terminated in a humane and efficient method. We get the job done on time, on target.

Feel free to give me a call and we can arrange a meeting.